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Food Supports:
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Communications Strategy

Communications Support

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The Need

A months-long research project facilitated by Second Harvest Heartland in collaboration with dozens of food distribution partners and a third-party research vendor resulted in a 146-page report. Informative, but not very utilitarian for the organization's many stakeholders.

The Opportunity

Synthesize the findings into key messages and usable, compelling pieces informed by stakeholder preference and ease-of-use (e.g. summary report, social assets, vanity URL). Then roll out through a cascading, coordinated communications plan, leveraging existing stakeholder touchpoints (monthly convenings) and pre-calendared moments (Leadership Team, All Team, print newsletter).

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The Result

The summary report was well-received by stakeholders and shared widely to board members, donors and government officials. Topline messages are now core to brand, woven into evergreen  content and seasonal frameworks.

Looking ahead, this project will help inform approaches to collection and distribution of client data, an undertaking necessary every two to three years.

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