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You're busy. Let's keep it simple.

Whether you know exactly what support services you need or only that you have a problem to solve, I can help you take the next step. 


A 20-minute phone call can reveal if and how we might work together. It'll be pretty clear, pretty quick, if I can support you. And if not, I'll always try to offer alternative solutions and warm referrals.


Once we identify our path forward, we'll align to a scope of work, including duration, deliverables, roles (including if I'll subcontract other experts), fee structure, and all the inputs to ensure a smooth, successful collaboration.


I want the work to get underway as much as you do, so once we're scoped, aligned and onboarded, I'm getting to work. I'll stay close, per agreed to ways of working, and we'll get good done together .

Let's connect.

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Twin Cities-based

Available for travel + remote work


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